“Something Blue” – 5 Ideas to Find Yours!

“Something Blue” – 5 Ideas to Find Yours!

If following tradition is right up your street, you may wish to incorporate something blue in your wedding outfit. There are many different ways you can do this, here are 5 ideas to get you started!

Blue shoes


Yes, blue shoes are a thing! This can be a fun way to add an element of blue to your outfit. Make them a feature, and own that look! Heels, flats, trainers, flip-flops or wellies, whatever you choose, there are many different shades to choose from, from subtle sparkle to bright cobalt!


If ivory shoes are more your thing, why not include blue in your bouquet, instead? Nature has so many beautiful blue flowers for you to choose from, from pastel hydrangeas to bold cornflowers. Just ask your florist and they will help you find the perfect shade.

Blue Garter


Of course, there will be some of you who would rather keep your nod to tradition to yourselves. If this is you, how about a blue garter? Garters may seem a little dated to some, but it is a fun way of incorporating colour without having to have it on show. (Although, you may like to use it in a fun photo!)

Brooch or Ribbon

For a subtle way to include a hint of blue, why not ask your seamstress to add a small blue ribbon bow to one of the seams of your dress? This simple idea can serve the purpose without the fanfare. Or, if you have a small brooch with a blue stone, this can work just as well, (and, if you know someone who can lend you one of these, it can be something old/borrowed, too!)

Blue brooch
Blue bracelet


We all love a bit of bridal jewellery, and choosing some jewellery with a blue stone, or stones, can be a great way to follow this tradition. Whether you choose a soft aquamarine or bold sapphire, a delicate bracelet, drop earrings, or necklace can be really individual and unique ways of incorporating blue.

These are just 5 ideas to get you started. Let your imagination run wild, and find your own perfect something blue!

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