5 Ways to Start Wedding Planning When in Lockdown

5 Ways to Start Planning Your Wedding When Stuck in Lockdown

5 ways to start planning your wedding when stuck in lockdown.  Shoes, flowers, dress.

You understand why, but this lockdown is messing with your schedule! You have a dress to buy, a venue to find, and 101 other things to do but you can’t GO anywhere! Aargh!

It’s frustrating, and your wedding date, even if it hasn’t been postponed, is fast approaching, so what CAN you do when you can’t physically go out?

Here are 5 ideas…

1 Carry Out Online Research

5 ways to start wedding planning when stuck in lockdown. Tablet, phone, paper, pen.

The internet is always available, and it’s a fantastic place to start researching everything from venues to dresses, and anything else in between!

Lots of venues have virtual tours on their websites, which will give you a good idea of whether it is likely to be suitable for your wedding. You can easily dismiss some venues without the legwork of visiting each one and you can use this to create a shortlist of your top 5 to investigate in person once restrictions are lifted. This can work for many other aspects of your wedding too, investigating colour schemes, wedding styles, dresses, shoes, hairstyles, etc, all help you whittle down your choices so you have a better idea of what you’re looking for once you can get to the shops.

2 Create a Pinterest Board (or 3!)

5 ways to start wedding planning when stuck in lockdown. Lady, ideas.

Pinterest is a fantastic tool for creating mood boards and collecting all your ideas in one place, as well as finding ideas for many aspects of your wedding. Saving pictures of all your favourite things when you see them will soon result in an overall style or look you are drawn to and help you discover new ideas you may not have considered.

3 Have a Trying-on Session (without buying anything!)

5 ways to start wedding planning when stuck in lockdown. White dresses.

Bored one afternoon? Try on all the clothes you have in your wardrobe and start to get an idea of necklines and styles you like. Always wear a polo neck? A high-necked dress may be something to consider. Prefer yourself in a low-cut top? A deep v-neck, maybe right for you. That top you never wear because you don’t like the flouncy neckline – you’ll probably prefer a smoother style… Obviously don’t dismiss dresses you fancy trying on (when you get the chance to) just because the neckline or style isn’t something you’d usually wear, but this can be a useful exercise in gaining an insight into the styles you may feel more comfortable in, and if nothing else, it’s a fun way to fill up a few hours!

4 Have a Brainstorming Session with your OH

5 ways to start wedding planning when stuck in lockdown.  Couple discussing ideas.

If you and your OH are both off work at the moment, use the time to gain an idea of how they feel about the size and style of wedding they would like (yes, sorry, it’s not ALL about you!), as well as discussing colours, venues, whether you want speeches, and who you/they would like to invite. Having a wedding that you both feel comfortable with will ensure the day remains yours, and deciding between you what you are prepared to compromise on will make decision making a whole lot easier in the long-run. It also means you can show a united front when Great Auntie Doris decides to try and take over!

5 Become a Correspondence Guru!

5 ways to start planning your wedding when stuck in lockdown. Laptop, phone, paper, pen.  Correspondence.

Email is a wonderful invention, and many companies are still accessing their inboxes even if they are not physically open. Make the most of it by contacting any venues, florists, hairdressers, dress shops, etc, with any questions you have on pricing, deposits required, etc. You can use the information you receive to choose or dismiss different companies by eliminating those who are out of your price range, don’t have availability on the date you require, or just don’t ‘feel’ right, and you can book appointments for later in the year, too!

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